Jeremiah / Minnesota trip

Yippee! Jeremiah is home and doing much better. He still has the pneumonia and is coughing a little bit, but is eating more and is back to playing with his toys. Thank you again to all that were praying. 

Last week I had the wonderful privilege to fly out to MN to visit with my mom’s sister and her family.  I had a great time. My Uncle Jeff, Aunt Emily, and my cousins Elizabeth and Luke are precious people. I love them so much. The very first day I was there, Uncl Jeff took Elizabeth and I on our first ice fishing experience. I didn’t catch anything but Uncle Jeff took a picture of me with one of his. Elizabeth had fun playing with minnows we were using as bait. Needless to say she really needed a bath when we got home! The next day Uncle Jeff left for a trip to Costa Rica (poor boy) for work, which left Aunt Emily and I alone with the kids for the week. She and I had some great conversations. I really feel like I left knowing her a little better. One day we made marshmallows. And no I’m not jokin’. We really did make marshmallows and we even dipped some of them in chocolate. Yum! Elizabeth really liked them (if you can’t tell).


We also made little shirts with turtles on them for Elizabeth , Luke and Jeremiah. The turtles were stamped on with shapes cut out of potatoes. I thought it was a nifty project. Jeremiah has already worn his shirt. It looks really cute on him.


My visit felt like it went by very fast. The last day I was there Uncle Jeff took me to my first “big” rodeo. I was so excited. I am a country/western girl at heart, so the rodeo was right up my alley. What a great ending to a great trip. Thanks again to Uncle Jeff, Aunt Emily, and Kids for inviting me to come out. Here are some pictures from the rodeo. Sorry if they are a little dark.

horse1.jpg      rodeo.jpg 



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  1. Looks like you had a great time Meggo! 😉 You’ve been on my mind 🙂

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