Fun with my Brother=hiccups

 When I allow myself to stay up too late at night or if I have had a long day, I get overtired.  And when I get overtired, I can go two ways: cranky or silly.  Yesterday I had kind of a long day at the office and then in the evening Dad spoke at City Church in Batavia,NY. Needless to say I was feeling kind of overtired by the time I got home last night. 

  I hadn’t seen my brother, John, all day so even though I wanted to go to bed, I stayed up and watched a TV show with him. Well next thing I knew, I started to feel a little mischievous so I punched John in the arm just out of complete fun. The punch turned into tickling half wrestling which turned into a lot of laughing which in the end gave me the hiccups. The hiccups made us laugh even more so they turned into the hiccups that wouldn’t go away. Thankfully they eventually did.  I really enjoyed having a silly night with my brother, whom I love dearly.



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