Interpretation Still Needed Please

Okay! I’m still not exactly sure what “ If it were not for the belly, the back might wear gold” means. Could someone please interpret this quote for me? 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Wow Megan! I have absolutely no idea what that means! 🙂 I’ve actually never heard that expression before! I’m curious now. 🙂

  2. That’s a different one! I’ve never heard of it before. But good luck with finding it out!

  3. actually, I just had a light bulb go off. I think I have an idea so I’ll shoot. Here it goes:
    I think that It means that’s if we weren’t so greedy and impatient and/or selfish that would would have more things. Think about it, our stomachs get hungry, our appetite can sometimes get a hold of us. It can be greedy (eating a lot of food) and impatient. (sometimes you just have to have that hamburger, and now!) and if it weren’t for that stuff than we would be more happy and more enjoyable.

    -This message has been approved of and posted by Liz Follman. lol

  4. Makes sense. Thanks! 🙂

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