I thought that I would take some pictures to show you where I work. First though, I have to say that I have really been enjoying working alongside my father. I look at being at GRN a  privilege, honor, and a once in a life time opportunity. I have been asked many times about what I’m going to be doing during my “in-between years”, and I must say that my plans are to work alongside my father and be a helper to my mother and learn as much as I can from them before I leave their home. Someday, if God’s will, I will be a wife and homemaker. What greater way is there to gain the skills that I will need than being a help-meet to my father and learning under my mother? Would college help me be a good wife and mother? I don’t believe so. I understand some people’s thinking on the issue of what if something happened to my husband, and all of a sudden I am  the sole provider for my family. I must be honest in saying that I am completely not an authority on this subject but you know, I believe that the Lord would give me wisdom and discernment if anything ever happened. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now 🙂 , and I ask forgiveness if I sound preachy. I’m really not trying to preach at anyone, just trying my best to further share what I believe.  And though I do respect and would like to hear more of other peoples views on this subject, I do not wish for a debate.     Here are my pictures! I feel so professional sitting at my desk 🙂 .

office-desk.jpg    office-desk-2.jpg

other-side-of-office.jpg    stairs.jpg    me.jpg


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  1. Amen!!! =) I know you do a great job at it too!

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