My Sewing Attempt

 I have really wanted to learn how to sew but always thought that I needed someone or a book next to me to tell me how to do everything. Well, when I was in MN back in January my Aunt encouraged me to just get my sewing machine out and start sewing. Pretty much just live and learn. So yesterday I did. I’m working on a apron pattern that my same aunt gave to me two Christmas’ ago. My Grandmother and I started on it a long time ago, but never finished.  Last evening I got everything back out and started to sew. I thought that I was doing pretty good, and I also thought that I had gotten all my peices out of the bag and only left in the waist band and waist ties. Haha, not very funny. I realized, after I had pretty much sewn everything together that I had accidentaly left in two big pieces. Oh well! Thankfully I think that I can make it still work without the two pieces. Live and learn is exactly what I have done 🙂 . I think that my main thing is learning how to better read and follow the pattern instructions. I did have some sewing classes when I was still going to home school co-op but that was awhile ago. If ya don’t use it, ya lose it! So I’m not always sure what certain words mean. Anyway, even though I messed up, I think that it’s still pretty cute. I would put some pictures up but WordPress won’t let me upload them for some reason. I’ll put them up when I figure it out what’s wrong.


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