Mirror, Mirror on the…floor?

Below is a picture of my little brother Jeremiah. He’s talking to the other little boy who he sees in the mirror. I wonder if he realizes that the other little boy is him.  Watching him made me wonder if he will always like what he sees in the mirror. I pray so, because He is a masterpiece of God. 



What do YOU see when you look in the mirror each day? Do you see a person who is loved by God and is thankful for the way He made him/her?  I sure do hope that you do, but if not, I want you to know that Jesus loves you know matter what look like, or how you talk, or even how you walk. Don’t ever let anyone make you become someone that you are not.  Because to the Creator of the universe, you are beautiful just the way you are.


2 Responses

  1. Jeremiah and I spent a good part of an afternoon checking out the mirror in our bathroom. He was amazed that he could see me in the mirror and see the same Amma sitting across from him. He could also see himself and smiled and laughed a lot at that little boy…who was smiling and laughing right along with him!

    I miss you all so-o-o much!

  2. Meggy Mae –

    One Jeremiah is great – two would be twice as great! If I buy a mirror, can I have one of each of you??? I love and miss you all!

    Uncle Matt

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