Friend or Foe?…Our silent visitor

Yesterday afternoon I walked by one of our windows and just happened to look out. When I did, I was surprised to see someone walking through our yard. I thought him so interesting that I ran out and asked him if I could take his picture. He gave no answer, so I took it assuming that he did not care.  The camera must have scared him(because surely it couldn’t have been me), for he shrank back with such horror that I immediately stepped back allowing him time to get over his shock. He still would not move, so I said goodbye to him and went back inside my home. I kept watching him out the window though, but finally I went downstairs for a little while because our mysterious visitor still had not moved from the spot where I left him. I was  down there for five minutes and I came back up to see if he had gotten over his shock. I looked out and saw that he…WAS GONE. Oh what a shame.   Below is the picture I took of our Silent Visitor.  😛

“God made all kinds of wild animals. He made all kinds of livestock. He made all kinds of creatures that move along the ground. And God saw that it was good.”  – Genesis 1:25








2 Responses

  1. He/She does look like a snapping turtle to me. Not pet material, Megan. Be careful if you see it again. They don’t care much about what they eat. They have very strong jaws.
    I love you, honey, and I want you to keep all of your fingers!

  2. Yes that’s what we were thinking too. Don’t worry i had no intentions of keeping him! 😉

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