Kids…gotta love ’em!

 Yesterday afternoon I watched the kids of some good friends of ours. We had a blast! Haha, or least I did anyway 🙂 ! I had the idea to get all my old dress-up clothes out of the closet for the little girl to play with. Well little did I know what would happen when I brought them out.

I thought that I would share some pictures to give you a feeling of what went on while their parents were away. 🙂


A blast from the past!  A young Pilgrim girl stranded in a new world living room 🙂 !


I’m afraid that she doesn’t look very Asian. 😉 But she does look awfully cute!


            Ahhh!! Help! I’m being attacked!! 😉                          


Oh dear! Silliness has taken hold of my brother! (and yes, he did give me permission to post these 🙂 )


Back to a moment of peace







One Response

  1. These are SO cute!! What a couple of cute blondies;) You guys all look like you had a great time!

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