Sudan Trip

  Hello all! I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday evening. I just wanted to let ya’ll know that my father, Tom Zurowski and GRN’s intern, John Follman are leaving for Southern Sudan tomorrow evening. Sudan is still a war torn country and the specific area where they will be has been considered a “no-go zone” by the United Nations. I ask that you would keep my father and John in your prayers. Please also pray for our family and John’s wife and 3 children. Thank you so much! God bless.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Megan. Will do!

  2. Thanks for the update Megan. My Dad just got back from the Sudan; he was there all of April. He’s hooked now 🙂
    I will be praying!
    Our family leave for a mission trip to Kenya in one month.
    How’s it going being back in Kentucky?

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