Made it to Sudan

Thank you to those who have been praying for my Dad and John Follman. I just wanted you to know that the guys made it to Sudan safely about two days ago and for the most part, doing well. What I mean is, Dad was bitten by a spider yesterday on the foot. He didn’t think that it was poisonous or anything, but not 100% sure yet, so they kept the spider just in case they needed it to show to a doctor. We are assuming that nothing is seriously wrong because nobody has tried to contact us. If the situation was serious then Dad would have asked my Mom to start a prayer chain, which he did not do so we are not too concerned. But continuing to pray for them would be good anyway 🙂 . Thank you!

P.S. On the way over Dad and John stayed in Uganda for a few days. Here is a picture of the hotel (their accommodations are much different in Sudan. There they are sleeping in mud huts with mosquito nets over them) they stayed in while they were there and also a picture of Lake Victoria which was able to be seen from there hotel.



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