Quiet Faith?

Do you ever find it too easy to not about Christ while in a conversation with someone? Why is that?! It doesn’t make any sense to me at all, and yet, it still happens to me and probably to you too. Unfortunately, I think that we sometimes allow ourselves to take for granted that we have the privilege to share about our Lord with, for the most part, all freedom here in the U.S.. But, speaking for myself, sometimes I just don’t feel the urgency. And I don’t like that. Millions of people, including family and friends, are going to go to hell when they die because many Christians just don’t feel the urgency to  share about Christ. In my opinion, that’s a major problem. The Church is called to bring the message of the cross to all people of all race, color, shape and size. We say we are lovers of Jesus and yet this generation is falling to the ground with a huge thud and is having an extremely hard time getting back up again. I believe it is time that we get real with ourselves and take a good long look at our hearts. If we say we love Jesus and love people then we need to put action to our words. No one benefits from a quiet faith.


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