Commitment Update

Yes I know, this is long overdue:) . Well, I would consider myself to be doing pretty well overall with not eating very many sweets…except today. Not really, I have been doing better than I thought I would, but today I did have some fat-free ice cream that my mother got for me as a special treat and I really didn’t feel too guilty for eating it. I only had the serving size, which believe me is a hard thing for me to do when it comes to ice cream! 😉 And,(ahem!), I had a very special smore that John made for me while over at the neighbors tonight. The hardest thing that I have been dealing with for the past couple of weeks is my appetite! Though I may not be having as many sweets, I have been feeling like I need more food in general. I don’t understand it because I was doing so well. Exercising is going okay, but I still have not lost any weight or anymore inches. Oh what a long process! Has anyone else dealt with the same thing that I am? I could use some advice and encouragment!


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