Sharin’ my feelings

My car accident really brought on a lot of different emotions.  I don’t want dramatize any of the feelings that I had, but they were very real.  And I realize that many great Christians and young people have been killed in car accidents, and I don’t have any answers of why the Lord has allowed that to happen. I don’t view myself as being someone better than others, but rather, I have been very humbled by everything that I experienced over the weekend.

 When the accident happened, so many thoughts and emotions ran through me like they never had before. In just 10 seconds time(more or less?), I was thinking and feeling something like this,…I’ve been hit!…Screams…Am I going to die?…panic…God help me!… peace…panic…Jesus!!…is the car on fire?!…I need to get out…scared…peace…please, something familiar!…peace…Thank you Lord, I’m okay…peace. It felt so weird/wonderful to be filled with peace and be in shock all at the same time. I have heard some stories about people who, when they went into shock, they practically went crazy. I am so glad that I have filled my mind and heart with God’s Word ever since I was a small child. Those Bible verses really came in handy when I started to panic. I kept reminding myself that, “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” I said those words over and over again like I did as a child afraid of the dark or a bad dream. As always, the Lord was my Comforter and my ever-lasting Prince of Peace.

 The most wonderful thing I realized during this whole experience was when I thought that I might die. I realized that I had no fear whatsoever of where I would go if I had. In the past, there had been times when I would wonder if I was a good enough and spiritual enough Christian to go to Heaven. But, when I had my accident, there was no doubt, and if that was the only reason why the Lord allowed the accident to happen then that’s okay by me. I have never felt closer to Him in my entire life. I am so thankful that my life and the lives of the people I hit, have been spared. The Lord must have a special plan for us. 

 I want to thank once again, all our friends and family who have been praying for our family during this past emotional week. We love you so much and we really appreciate your thoughtfulness. May the Lord bless you!

By the way, Matthew is doing wonderfully and we are all getting used to having our new little buddy around. 🙂


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