Well, not much has been happening around here lately. But we are really enjoying and are very thankful that Amma is here. She has been such a big help!

 The other day Dad and John went dove hunting and they got about 15 birds. Dad cooked them in hot sauce 🙂 . I heard they were pretty good, but I didn’t have any cause these past two days I have been fighting a stomach bug. I’m hoping that I’ll be feeling better by tomorrow though, cause after church the three of us want to go out to do some more hunting.


3 Responses

  1. the poor little dovies 😦 J/k (kind of) 🙂 I hope you get feeling better soon!! Love ya.

  2. So are you feeling any better? Did you get to go dove hunting?

    How are you doing now after your accident?

  3. Liz- Haha! Maybe you should come with us sometime 😛

    Dean- I’m feeling great now but I did not get to go hunting cause I forgot about getting my hunting license!!

    As far the accident goes, I’m still struggling with driving a whole lot. I’m just trying to take is easy right now. Thanks so much for your concern!

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