God’s Promises

 Last evening, I was outside and noticed how clear and bright the sky was. I stood in amazement of God’s creation. As I looked into the sky, I thought I caught a glimpse of a shooting star.  Once again, I was reminded of the Lord’s promises.

 When I was younger, I had a really big desire in my heart. My desire was to have a friend whom I could trust and talk to about anything. Someone who liked the same things I did and believed the same way. I felt so lonely! One night,  like I did last evening, I stood outside looking into the big sky and asked the Lord to give me a sign that He was listening to my prayers for a friend.  As soon as I was done praying, the longest lasting shooting star shot across the sky! That night, I believe the Lord gave me the sign I asked for. It was also on that night that realized  the best friend that I could ever ask for was Jesus. I can talk to Him about anything! Since that time, God has also helped me to see that some of the other best friends I could ever have is my family. And He has also blessed me with a wonderful friend whom I believe is an answer to those prayers I prayed so long ago. 

Being stronger in the Lord now, I probably wouldn’t advise someone to ask the Lord for a sign everytime they want something or feel like He isn’t listening. I am so thankful that God has taught me to trust in Him and have faith that He is listening to my heart. But it is nice to have that kind reminder once in awhile.


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  1. Hi Sis-Love ya! Hope you have a very blessed day!

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