Someday My Prince Will Come


Sometimes I feel a lot like Sarah in the book The Courtship of Sarah McLean. Sarah is nineteen years old and a daughter still at home. She is very thankful for her family and loves to be around them, help out, and be under her parents authority. But she is feeling some unrecognizable and unwanted discontent. At one point she realizes that her disconent is due to the fact that her heart’s longing is to a wife and a mother, but no man has courted her or has even seemed interested in doing so. That’s how I have been feeling lately. I love still being at home, working with my father at GRN, and I am more commited now to courtship and waiting for the man the Lord may have for me more than ever before. But it is still hard  to be patient because I want to be a wife and mother now. That is my ultimate dream. I believe that it’s the Lord’s calling on my life.  

 So what is God teaching me through all these thoughts and emotions? He’s teaching me how to be content with my calling as a daughter and to be satisfied with a KING. The King of KIngs. Yes, Someday my Prince will come…in the King’s timing.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Megan Elizabeth 🙂 I enjoyed hearing your heart in this post! Wel said! 🙂 Happy almost birthday!!!

  2. I feel that way sometimes (not waiting for a prince mind you, but a princess). I get the feeling that God has someone for me, but He has yet to reveal just who that is yet. Kinda discouraging in a way.

  3. Yes, you’re prince will come! And he’s going to be the sweetest and cutest and best guy in the whole entire world!! I’m so proud of the commitment you’ve made and for your endurance to wait. I have a feeling God’s got a big smile on His face and is giddy with anticipation for the day you get to meet His prince for you!

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