Thailand Pictures Part 1

Leaving Thailand was harder than I ever imagined that it would be. I honestly felt like I was leaving family or something. Like my Dad says, “Love wants to be together”.

The Lord truly did a work in all of our hearts. Dad and I left feeling so refreshed and I think our father/daughter relationship was also made stronger.   I fell in love with the people we were with. There are some new things that I have been praying about. One of those is the possibility of going back to Thailand for a couple to a few months helping the team there. If I did go back I would definitely be under the covering of some very godly people. At this point, going back is a pretty big IF though, because it may not be what the Lord has in store for me and my family. One thing I learned on the trip is that I still have a ways to go in completely trusting God with my future and my dreams. I am also realizing that He may put dreams in us for a season to help put our hearts in the place He wants them.

Here are some pictures from our trip. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you again to those of you who were keeping us in your prayers while we were gone. God bless!


        Starbucks in the Bangkok airport. Who would have thunk? 🙂


Dad and I in the Starbucks




Brian and Mary Beth’s home


The room we stayed in upstairs in the church


The room that the church meets in. ( the motor scooter was a temporary decoration while we were there 🙂 )


Part of the local Buddhist temple

More to come!!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Megan,

    Welcome home!!!!! I really liked seeing the photos of your trip. Thank you for posting them. You’ll have to email me sometime and tell me all about it. I hope you’re doing great! Tell your family hello for me and mine!!! God bless!

  2. Cool Pictures! Anna is going to Hati this summer. is anna’s blog.

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