Recess is over!

Well, as of yesterday, I am now officially enrolled in the Liberty Home Bible Institute. My recess of over a year will be over in about a week. I am so excited to get started!! I have been wanting to take some Bible courses since before I graduated in ’07 but I never really finished looking into it. I found out about Liberty’s home courses a few months ago and they sounded perfect!  It’ll be great because there’s no time limit on tests and stuff. I’ll be able to do everything on my own time.  They’ll be good too because I’ll be able to take them anywhere. For example, if I go back to Thailand (which is looking to be more than likely) it won’t interrupt any of my studies. So anyway, just wanted to share my excitement with ya’ll 😉


One Response

  1. YAY! That’s exciting news!! I know you’ll enjoy the Bible courses, I’m enjoying the one I’m in right now. 🙂

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