42-19187848 Yesterday afternoon, driving home from church service, our family past by a spot on the side of the road that had flowers beginning to grow and bloom already. It was really nice for me to see the signs of life that Spring brings, appearing after a long winter of what seemed to be dark and sleep.
 Ever since I was a young child, Spring has been my favorite season. I love the feeling of being able to go outside again and feel the warm sun on my face, hear birds sing, and watch the trees and flowers bloom. For some reason, the Lord has used these things to help remind me of not only His greatness, but, also His gentleness.

B-273-0113It amazes me how God can make time to touch the littlest plant and make it grow, or help a tiny baby bird hatch out of an egg and begin it’s life outside. He cares a lot about the things He has created. And yet, His love for you and me is so much greater. The Bible says in Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air. They don’t plant or gather crops. They don’t put away crops in storerooms. But your Father who is in Heaven feeds them. Aren’t you worth much more than they are?” . The answer is, yes you(we) are. The God who knows when the littlest of sparrows has fallen, has also counted how many hairs we have in our heads. He notices what makes us feel blessed or hurt.

   He also knew before we were even born that we would sin against Him, but, He had mercy on us by sending His42-19991858 Only Son to die on a cross to take away our punishment so we could be free from our sin if we live our lives for Him. I realize these thoughts can seem somewhat elementary, but, I believe that it doesn’t hurt to look and think upon the simplistic side of our walk with Christ. After all, isn’t it supposed to be simple? Just live for Jesus, right? Sometimes I think we can make things so complicated, when at the end of it all, Christ just wants our lives to spend like money in his hands. So anyway, I’m not sure how I got off of talking about Spring being my favorite season and why 🙂 …I guess cause I’m my father’s daughter 🙂 .  Or maybe it’s because I just can’t stop talking about my Savior and Redeemer. May He continue to bless you abundantly!


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  1. the signs are placed before us … over and over. As a sign of His Grace and love. Nature is the great awakener 🙂

  2. Elementary thoughts? Not at all! What a refreshing post in a time of global struggle. I’m part of a jail ministry. Yesterday we visited the county jail and ministered to the female inmates….and they ministered to us (my sister and myself). Just as we went into the cell block…a female deputy entered with a new inmate. The young woman appeared to be in her twenties. She stood there in the black and white inmate stripes…hugging a gray blanket…and never looked up. The matron escorted her to an open cubicle alongside the common area where we and the inmates were exchanging greetings, laughing, and TALKING ABOUT …guess what…SPRING! My sister went into the cubicle and invited the new inmate to join us. She just shook her head ‘no.’ We began the Bible study. After about 45 minutes, I just couldn’t continue to participate with the group with the young woman so alone and so discouraged. I got up…walked over to the open cubicle and saw the young woman on her bed…curled in a fetal position. The blanket covered her leaving only her mouth uncovered to breathe. I felt so deeply for her. I placed my hand on her shoulder asking, “Are you asleep?” She pulled the blanket off her head but she didn’t speak. I could not walk away from this broken child. Her troubles were surely by her own choices….but she was a mother’s daughter….a creation of God. I leaned over enough to stroke her hair from her eyes and said, “I am so, so sorry! Please believe how much I care about you in this time of struggle. You could be my daughter. Your mother is not here. But I am here. I love you. Everything will be better. Please believe that.” I continued to lovingly stroke her temple and her head…with the same loving touch I would have given my own daughter. The young woman never spoke. But she looked at me with eyes that reflected her acceptance of my compassion in the exact way it was intended….from the heart of God. “Love never faileth.”

    Reading your post about the ‘elementary’ beautiful flowers and songs of Spring gave me a feeling similar to the feelings experienced yesterday as I stroked the temple of the young stranger who ignited such compassion in my heart. That ‘compassion’…. is ‘elementary,’ is clean, is real, is innocent, is timeless. The feeling………..is GOD.

    I’m in a rural area of the south. Daffodils are waving in the temporarily warm mountain breeze. The Bradford pear tree branches are covered in white puffs. I rode the 4-wheeler some distance down across our farm to a heavily wooded area and harvested two large clumps of not-yet-blooming daffodils still surviving where a house once stood some fifty years ago. I never cease to see the glory of God in all of creation …..especially in the changing of seasons. SPRING! WOW!

    I am internetelias.wordpress.com

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the comments! It means a lot to hear the thoughts of others.

    Internet elias – what an incredible opportunity to share the love of Christ with that young woman. I was deeply touched. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. I love Spring…

    I also love how God makes the world new again just as He did and still does for me.

  5. Awesome post Megan! Never stop living the “Normal Christian Life.”

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