Update: RSV

Praise the Lord that Matthew is feeling quite a bit better. He’s still having breathing treatments, but his smile is back and he’s not coughing near as bad as before.

Jeremiah ,on the other hand, also has RSV now  😦 . He got it about three days ago. He too is taking breathing treatments. Yesterday he wouldn’t/couldn’t eat or drink anything because his throat was hurting him so bad. And the night before last he actually ended up “sleeping” with me in my room in the basement because he was waking up so often coughing, which in turn would make him start crying because he was scared and didn’t want to be alone. We both got about four hours of broken sleep that night.

My poor little brothers have been through it this week. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers! Including my father because he is heading into Sudan as I write this. God bless!


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