Encouraging posts

aeb_-thumbThe Botkin sisters, Anna and Sofia, have been posting some very good and encouraging posts on their blog lately, or should I say as always.

If you are single, or are a parent with a growing daughter, I highly encourage you to visit the Visionary Daughters blog. Anna and Sofia are godly young women who are daughters still living in their parents home. On their blog, they share practical, yet very important ways they have learned or are still learning to keep their hearts right before the Lord in their daily lives and as they wait for their future husbands.

Their latest post pin points an area that every girl that I know of has difficulty with. It’s called, How (Not) To Heat Your Veins and Fire Your Brains, and it hits the issue of keeping our hearts pure toward men head on.  Another great post on ways to make sure we are not wasting our days away is Am I Wasting My Life? and it’s just a post or two below the other one. Please read them! And please also feel free to come back and leave me a comment with your thoughts on what you read. If you are one that does not agree in what you read, all I ask of you is that you would please be respectful to myself and to the Botkin sisters and understand that I have the freedom to delete any comments that  are not written as so. 

God bless!


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