Thai Trip Progress and Prayer Need

Progress Report! – Right now I am working on getting my visa application out so I can actually get into Thailand. I am praying that it goes through smoothly and without a hitch. I am also praying that they will grant my request for two visas instead of just one because one is only good for 60 days or something. If I am able to get two, the process of trying to stay longer will not be as much of a hassle.

Prayer Need – In the past few days I have been chatting with the family I  will be staying with, and I have found out that they have opened their home to two young Thai girls (ages 10 and 9). These girls come from a very sad home situation. Their father is a drug addict, their mother is a prostitute, their grandfather is a alcoholic and the grandmother is so old and feeble that she can barely move. They also have several younger siblings that have no clothes and their playground is a dump. The youngest is a year old. 

The Lord has softened the parents hearts enough to allow the two oldest girls to leave so they can finally go to school. They had their first day yesterday!  It is everyone’s prayer that these girls will be able to lead a new life and come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Not to mention that is our prayer for the whole family. It would be wonderful to see God free them all from the life that they are currently leading. 

Because the oldest children are no longer at home, there is the concern that the other children are not being taken care of at all. The 10 year old had pretty much become their mother because the real mother is barely ever home. 

When you think about this family, could you please lift them up in prayer? This is just one family out of so many in Thailand that need Jesus.  Please also pray that the Lord will give the Stubenrauchs and Pii Thak (single Thai women that I will be sharing a house with) wisdom and discernment with these girls. I would also appreciate prayer because i have learned that I will be with these girls a lot and I really want to be a good example to them of Christ and as a sister and friend. Thank you!


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