Slow Week

42-19626126Well, it’s been quite the slow week. Not much has been happening lately. I have been pretty much at a complete loss of what to write about :) . This post may be more random than anything.

My Bible courses have been going  well. I haven’t made it too far yet, but, I know once I really get a hang of them, things will get a little bit easier. I’m starting from the beginning: the book of Genesis.  Right now I’m working on the Creation Stage. It’s been really interesting already of the things I’m learning that I have never even thought about before.

Matthew is starting to make some cute little sounds and squeals. I’m probably partial, but I think he must be the current cutest baby on earth! 🙂 And Jeremiah is the cutest three year old and John is the most handsome almost sixteen year old (sixteen? ahhh! I can’t believe it!).  🙂

42-19856313 It definitely looks like I’ll be heading back to Thailand in June. We’re trying to set up so I can travel with Mary Beth’s mother who is also planning on visiting at that same time. I hope it works out. Brian just sent me a note the other day telling me what I’ll need to prepare for financially. I’m going to need quite a bit of money but, I know that if this is what the Lord wants me to do, He will provide everything that I will need. At this point it looks like I’ll be needing about $2,500 to live there for the 3 months. That will cover the monthly rent, electric, food, etc. which I will also be splitting with two other women.  Plus, my plane ticket will probably be about $2,000. I will also need a little over $1,000 to be able to buy a good computer so I can communicate with my family, and $1,000-$1,500 for a scooter when I get there. Whew! I have been so blessed already though by some friends who have sent in some gifts towards my trip. I can’t wait to see how God will provide the rest!

So, there’s my random post 🙂


Jeremiah and Matthew Picture Update: Happy 6mo. Birthday, Matthew!


Below: I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago when he had his first cereal feeding







A couple pictures of Jeremiah opening some cards he recieved on his birthday.



Jeremiah Update: 3 years old!!

CB026354Happy 3rd Birthday, Jeremiah!!!!! I am so proud of you and blessed to be your sister.   May you have many wonderful years ahead continually filled with the goodness of the Lord.  I love you, Scooter. You are such a blessing!


Loooong Picture Post




Haney’s Appledale Farm















Duckback Autumn Breeze (Breeze)





(He didn’t feel like watching the news like the rest of us 🙂 )




Am I Cute or What?

I’m still here! :)

Hello! I’m still here 🙂 .  Today is official update day! Yay! Okay, so here it goes…


My walk with the Lord is really going great. Everyday I am feeling refreshed and also down. Down because the Lord has been revealing some areas in my life that need some pruning, and refreshed because I know that in the long run it is bringing me closer to Him. Praise the name of Jesus!


Dad, John Follman and I are now in our new office space! I’m out of my basement corner! Yippee! haha. I really like the office; it has a nice feel to it.


 My not forgotten pregnant mother is doing very well. We found out that she will be having a scheduled C-Section in the last week of August. Not too much longer! Time is going by so fast. Not long ago she had her glucose test and everything came back with fine results. The baby is now approximately 17 inches long and around 3 pounds! Please forgive me for not having a picture of Mom on this post right now, but check back later today or tomorrow to see if I have edited this post with a pic. 🙂


Jeremiah is going to be starting back to physical and speech therapy soon.


I don’t understand how I could start losing inches before weight, but that is exactly what happened this week. I have lost 1/4 inch all over and I know that is not very much, but it really is encouraging! 

 Current Weight: 127 lbs.

Goal weight: 118-120 lbs.

Lbs. I need to lose to get to that weight: 7-9

Pounds lost since June 10, 2008: 0  

Inches lost since June 10, 2008: 1/4 🙂


I have posted a new recipe on Country Girl Recipes

So there you go! A few updates on the Zurowski Family.


Have I ever mentioned that I just love my little brother Jeremiah?! Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and adore my other brother, John, but he doesn’t do a lot of cute things like this anymore…


 Now, I know he’s just sitting there, but at the time I took the picture, he was watching Sesame Street on TV and I thought that he looked so cute sitting there in his pajamas. Okay, can you tell that he’s got me hooked? I love him so much! Almost anything he does looks cute to me! I guess it’s a baby thing cause John will do similar things and it’s(sorry John) but it’s just not the same! 😀