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August Overview

Wow, I cannot believe that a whole month has gone by since the last time I posted anything! Eeks!

I’m just gonna start out by saying that the month of August was an awesome and quite the emotional month. It is very hard for me to put into words every thought and emotion that has been rolling around in my heart since I’ve been here. I specifically had set the month of August to pray about what the next step is for my life. I felt desperate to hear from the Lord. Am I supposed to stay here in Thailand longer, or should I listen to this, sometimes almost overwhelming, homesickness and take that as a sign that am I to go home? And if that’s the case, then what? I really believed He would show me by the end of the month…but, before I get into that part any further I want to share what else happened this last month –

Tyndale Stubenrauch’s 1st and Chase Garsee’s 17th birthdays were celebrated. I love both of those boys dearly!

Tyndale with his lovely mama, Mary Beth, on his birthday!


Chase and me on his birthday  “showing off our farmer’s tans”.


The Stubenrachs, the Garsees, and myself all went about fifteen hours north to a place called Korat. There, we met up with a few other great missionary families to have some fellowship and ministry time together. It was wonderful! So refreshing for everyone. The Lord was gracious to bless us with His presence the whole week we were together. Plus I made some great new friends, especially Margaret, who is such a godly young woman and fellow horse lover 🙂 .

In the evenings a group of us went out to pass out tracts and evangelize. We had a lot of great responses! But, specifically, a certain man was born-again. Praise God, na (Translation: Right?!) ?! We spent a week in Korat and then on the way back down towards home, we spent another week in Bangkok so the Stuben’s and Garsees could meet with their social workers to work out adoption details for adopting their Thai sons. Bangkok is huge and it feels like there’s no room to breath 🙂 . But, we had fun together hanging out and having some down time, aside from some of the stress of adoption issues. One day, Colton (18) & Chase(17) Garsee (my newest brothers 🙂 ) and I spent literally TEN hours in one mall and we still had not seen every store by the end of the day! We had fun but, needless to say, we were pretty tired that night. Well, I guess not tired enough, cause if I remember correctly we still stayed up pretty late : ) .

Now, to get back into what God is doing in my heart…. While in Bangkok we stayed at a Baptist Guest House for missionaries. One morning, while washing dishes in the kitchen, the Lord confirmed in my heart that I am supposed to stay in Thailand longer. After wrestling so much between my love for being here and homesickness, I am excited to have peace and confidance that this is what I am supposed to do. Thank you so much to everyone who has been seeking the Lord along with me about this. I love you all so much and I appreciate your support more than I can say! I cannot give an exact length of time that I will be here, because that part is still up in the air for me (not God), but, I do know that I will be here for at least a total of a year. It is going to be interesting to see how it feels for my Dad to come in October and leave without me, but, I am thankful that God’s grace is and will be  sufficient.

So, that’s what has been going on around here! I hope everthing I wrote made sense 🙂 . God bless!!!


The Hoars, Lavornes, Stubenrauchs, Garsees, Barron, Freddy, and Me! A great bunch of people on fire for God!!

Ahh! I’m out of my comfort zone!

Wow, time sure does fly! I really did intend on posting more  🙂 

My time here has been going very well so far, and though challenges will probably arise at some point, I can only expect that it’s going to get better being here. Last week I started language class with my Thai teacher, Fon. She’s great! And I also learned how to ride the songthaew! Wow, talk about God getting me out of my comfort zone.  A songthaew is the local transportation system. I guess you could think of them as being mini buses that get you where you want to go 🙂 . They usually cost 12 baht ($0.35 USD)  a ride. So Tuesdays-Fridays  that is what I ride to and from class. And for any friends and family out there, I have been assured many times that it is very safe! 

(Google picture of a songthaew)


 It has been nice to finally get somewhat of a schedule down.   Sundays we’re at the church from 10:00am to about 2:00pm. Mondays is our relaxing day to basically do anything we want to do. Then, Tuesdays-Fridays from 10:00am t0 12:00pm I watch Brian and Mary Beth’s children, Mercy and Micah, while MB does homeschool with their oldest, Asia. Then we eat lunch together. At 1:30pm I leave for language class which lasts till 3:30pm. When I come home, I then do my Bible courses till about 5:30. We usually eat dinner around 6:30 just depending on what’s going on that evening.

Wednesday nights we have team prayer which has been so encouraging. The team here really values the necessity of coming together as fellow believers in Christ to fellowship and pray for one another.

 Thursday evenings I go with Christina and one of the Bible students to minister to a group of children across the train tracks. The kids are so sweet and are in desperate need of attention and love. We teach them new songs, read them Bible stories, pray with them and do other things like color and such, but it just depends. As far as I know, every week looks a little bit different.  

So, anyway, that is how my days have been looking like so far. I’m sure it’s due to change 🙂 . Flexibility is key. God bless! 



Countdown Thailand: Zero and some other neat news.

42-22279005Well, today is the day I will be saying goodbye to my family. Wow, I knew it was going to be hard, but, I didn’t think it would be this hard. Around two o’clock or so they will be taking me to Mrs. Clark’s (Marybeth’s mom) house to spend the night with her since she is much closer to the airport than we are. In the morning she and I  will be taking off to officially be on our way to Thailand! I am so excited :) .  But, for the moment, I am feeling like I could cry at the drop of a hat and go to sleep at any moment. Overall though, I believe God had given us all a lot of grace.  I feel so blessed to have a family like mine.

AX030350So, my other neat news?  My braces were taken off today!!! Yay!

One week to go

Only one week to go till the big day…

So many emotions are whirling inside of me the more I realize that the day of departure is coming closer and closer.  I feel excitement, anticipation, joy, thrill, sadness, a pinch of stress, and a butterfly or two in my stomach.  I praise God for this opportunity of a life time that He is giving me. I don’t feel deserving of it. What have I done to deserve such trust? I am deeply humbled. I can only hope and pray that I will represent Him well. 

   I want to publicly thank all those who have committed to praying for me while I am away and also to those who have generously given their financial gifts to help make this trip even possible. There are not words enough to describe my gratitude to you.  

 I look forward to sharing with everyone my experiences and what I believe the Lord is speaking to me. May He bless you abundantly! 




On Monday, we left for a place called cleftRock to get away as a family so Dad and John could unwind from their most recent trip to Sudan and also to kind of prepare for my upcoming trip to Thailand. cleftRock is a retreat center for pastors and missionaries and their families. It is a wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful place set back deep into the woods. We had a great time together taking walks, listening to the birds, praying, eating junk food, playing games and of course, taking pictures 🙂 . Below are some of the over 100 photos my brother, John, and I shot while on a walk together.  I took most of them because, well, I was a little bit hoggish with the camera that day 🙂 . But we had a very special brother – sister time together. 

If you like any of the pictures we would really appreciate that you do not use them without our permission. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed taking them! God bless! 


The house we stayed in


This was the perfect name for our little hideaway 

















John took this close up of the Iris – It was one of the only Iris’ there still in bloom



John wanted to take a shot of the parking sign 🙂 He has a good eye cause I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it! 


I really like this pic of a fence that John took too


I took this one 🙂
















John took this great picture


cleftRock was started by a couple who wanted to give pastors and missionaries a place to find rest, counsel, and quiet. Their own son was a missionary along with his wife and children in South America. Back in 2003 he was killed by guerilla rebels. His parents brought his body back to cleftRock to be buried at his favorite spot on the property. The next few photos are of his grave site and of the place surrounding it that was made for people to come to think and reflect. His family is still serving as  missionaries in South America. 










With the Family

I’m going to be away from the computer for a few days while our family is on a mini vacation/retreat together. When we come back home, hopefully I’ll be back with lots of photos from this week and the surprise Mother’s Day trip to New York my mom and I took while Dad and John were in Sudan:) . God bless, and Happy Memorial Day! Please remember in the midst of your family gatherings to give honor to all the men and women who gave their lives or are still fighting for our country.