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New Pictures!

Hey Ya’ll!

I just went to Malaysia with Brian and Mary Beth last week to get a new visa so that I can stay in Thailand longer. We had a great time together! I kept forgetting to take pictures while I was there, but, I did take some of the beautiful view I had from my hotel room. Check them out ! ~ From the Land of Smiles



Khorat Pictures Part One !! – From the Land of Smiles

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Ow Luk (Click picture to see more!)


Precious People 

Ahh! I’m out of my comfort zone!

Wow, time sure does fly! I really did intend on posting more  🙂 

My time here has been going very well so far, and though challenges will probably arise at some point, I can only expect that it’s going to get better being here. Last week I started language class with my Thai teacher, Fon. She’s great! And I also learned how to ride the songthaew! Wow, talk about God getting me out of my comfort zone.  A songthaew is the local transportation system. I guess you could think of them as being mini buses that get you where you want to go 🙂 . They usually cost 12 baht ($0.35 USD)  a ride. So Tuesdays-Fridays  that is what I ride to and from class. And for any friends and family out there, I have been assured many times that it is very safe! 

(Google picture of a songthaew)


 It has been nice to finally get somewhat of a schedule down.   Sundays we’re at the church from 10:00am to about 2:00pm. Mondays is our relaxing day to basically do anything we want to do. Then, Tuesdays-Fridays from 10:00am t0 12:00pm I watch Brian and Mary Beth’s children, Mercy and Micah, while MB does homeschool with their oldest, Asia. Then we eat lunch together. At 1:30pm I leave for language class which lasts till 3:30pm. When I come home, I then do my Bible courses till about 5:30. We usually eat dinner around 6:30 just depending on what’s going on that evening.

Wednesday nights we have team prayer which has been so encouraging. The team here really values the necessity of coming together as fellow believers in Christ to fellowship and pray for one another.

 Thursday evenings I go with Christina and one of the Bible students to minister to a group of children across the train tracks. The kids are so sweet and are in desperate need of attention and love. We teach them new songs, read them Bible stories, pray with them and do other things like color and such, but it just depends. As far as I know, every week looks a little bit different.  

So, anyway, that is how my days have been looking like so far. I’m sure it’s due to change 🙂 . Flexibility is key. God bless!