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Critical Need In Southern Sudan

As many of you know, my father and a friend recently returned from Sudan. While they were there, our GRN team had an opportunity to visit a new IDP (Internally Displaced People’s) camp that has settled in Loka (Home of GRN Sudan). The situation is critical! These people were displaced by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The LRA had raided their village repeatedly in 2008. During these raids, they abducted eleven people (two were found dead, three escaped, and six children remain missing).

These people have nothing. They are boiling leaves and eating them as their main source of food. Malnutrition is setting in, and the planting season has just begun, with little hope for making it till the harvest. Disease and infection are common. Rainy season has just begun, which means the mosquito population will increase and malaria will take it’s toll. Water is also a major concern. Loka already had too few wells and adding this many people to these vulnerable wells is making the water situation very unstable. The need is great!

Both my dad, Tom, and my brother, John,  will be returning May 5th to take much needed aid (Blankets, nutritional supplements, secondhand clothes, mosquito nets, medicine, hopefully a water well, and food items) to this camp.

Please watch this video and if God puts it on your heart to help, then please do. You can do so by going to GRN’s website  and clicking on the “Partner With GRN” tab or you can send a check to GRN with “IDP Camp Sudan” written in the memo (address is on the site).  We promise that EVERY PENNY will go to help bring aid to these hurting people. This is not about us, it’s about helping those in need.

To catch just a glimpse of what the LRA do to the people they attack and abduct, I encourage you to watch (with *discretion) this video. It’s a whole hour long but please trust me, you won’t regret watching it. And please, don’t just watch, but try your best to DO something about this whether it be through the foundation this video is from or through us at Global Response Network. 

*Warning – Please use discretion : Very graphic and a swear word is used in this film. But, please don’t let that stop you from watching it. The point of the film is so much more important.

Please check it out!

Hey All,

Please check out my ‘Global Response Network’ page and scroll towards the bottom of the page to view a 1:08 minute video of what GRN is currently working on.

Thank you!

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