Commitment Update Surprise!

It took forever for it to happen, but as of today it did! Please read carefully… 🙂

Previous weight: 127 lbs.

Current Weight: 124 lbs.

Goal weight: 118-120 lbs.

Lbs. I need to lose to get to that weight: 4-6 ( Previously 7-9)

Pounds lost since June 10, 2008: 3

I’m so happy!!!!!! 😉


Eating Healthier

healthy-dietToday I have officially started to eat healthier. Yes, I have been doing okay not eating so much sugar, but I’m still having some difficulties. I feel so tired all the time and I know it’s from the carbs that are still in my diet. So, why I didn’t do this before I don’t know, but, now I have traded in my granola bars for almonds(example), my white tortillas for whole wheat tortillas, my frozen dinners for veggie burgers, brown rice, vegetables, and fruit, my cold cereal for hot whole grain cereal and fruit…the list goes on, oh yeah, and my whole wheat bread(which still has things in it that I can’t pronounce) to Ezekiel bread(whole grain). Some big changes? Maybe, but I think they will help me overall to be healthier and maybe(hopefully) lose some weight. I’m still going to be having foods that I usually eat, but just not as much as before. I still eat yogurt, but I’ve gone from “needing” one everyday to every-other day and I actually probably will still have cold cereal more often then I probably would want because there are many morning when all I have time for is a cup of cereal. I’m pretty excited about these changes and I hope they last and are not a fad in this season of my life.

Commitment Update

Yes I know, this is long overdue:) . Well, I would consider myself to be doing pretty well overall with not eating very many sweets…except today. Not really, I have been doing better than I thought I would, but today I did have some fat-free ice cream that my mother got for me as a special treat and I really didn’t feel too guilty for eating it. I only had the serving size, which believe me is a hard thing for me to do when it comes to ice cream! 😉 And,(ahem!), I had a very special smore that John made for me while over at the neighbors tonight. The hardest thing that I have been dealing with for the past couple of weeks is my appetite! Though I may not be having as many sweets, I have been feeling like I need more food in general. I don’t understand it because I was doing so well. Exercising is going okay, but I still have not lost any weight or anymore inches. Oh what a long process! Has anyone else dealt with the same thing that I am? I could use some advice and encouragment!

I’m still here! :)

Hello! I’m still here 🙂 .  Today is official update day! Yay! Okay, so here it goes…


My walk with the Lord is really going great. Everyday I am feeling refreshed and also down. Down because the Lord has been revealing some areas in my life that need some pruning, and refreshed because I know that in the long run it is bringing me closer to Him. Praise the name of Jesus!


Dad, John Follman and I are now in our new office space! I’m out of my basement corner! Yippee! haha. I really like the office; it has a nice feel to it.


 My not forgotten pregnant mother is doing very well. We found out that she will be having a scheduled C-Section in the last week of August. Not too much longer! Time is going by so fast. Not long ago she had her glucose test and everything came back with fine results. The baby is now approximately 17 inches long and around 3 pounds! Please forgive me for not having a picture of Mom on this post right now, but check back later today or tomorrow to see if I have edited this post with a pic. 🙂


Jeremiah is going to be starting back to physical and speech therapy soon.


I don’t understand how I could start losing inches before weight, but that is exactly what happened this week. I have lost 1/4 inch all over and I know that is not very much, but it really is encouraging! 

 Current Weight: 127 lbs.

Goal weight: 118-120 lbs.

Lbs. I need to lose to get to that weight: 7-9

Pounds lost since June 10, 2008: 0  

Inches lost since June 10, 2008: 1/4 🙂


I have posted a new recipe on Country Girl Recipes

So there you go! A few updates on the Zurowski Family.

Home Safe and Sound/Commitment Update

Good morning! The guys arrived home safe and sound last night and we are so happy to have them back. Other than having jet-lag, they are doing great 🙂 .


 Okay, commitment update. Well this week didn’t go as well as I hoped, but I do feel like there has been some progress 🙂 . There were a couple of days when we had pizza, and one day I went to a wedding so I shared a piece of cake with a friend and I had a chocolate dipped strawberry(which tasted very good by the way.) 🙂 . But really other than that I think that I did pretty well. The thing that I had the hardest time with was staying within my right calorie intake.


 Current Weight: 127 lbs.

Goal weight: 118-120 lbs.

Lbs. I need to lose to get to that weight: 7-9

Pounds lost since June 10, 2008: 0  

 “For you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” – 1 Corinthians 6:20

A new/old commitment

 Warning! Very long post  😉 !

  Back in March 2007, I made the commitment to myself, God and my family that I would cut as much sugar as I could from my diet to help make my body healthier and to lose weight. I also stayed on track with counting my calories and watching out for fat. The only times that I allowed myself to have food and drinks that were the least bit high in those things were when I went to weddings, birthday parties, on holidays, as a guest in someones home, and when I went out with a friend on a specific, scheduled day.  It was very hard, but I kept that commitment from March-July and during that time I lost 10 pounds. Cutting sweets and things from my diet caused my body to feel much better. I was less tired and more alert, I could think straighter, I had more energy and because of that I was able to exercise more, I gained more confidence, and it was a good test of self-control. But then I graduated and August rolled around and I spent the month down here in KY to do a dental internship with a friend of ours. I ended up going out to eat a lot and got off track with not eating sweets, and because of that I gained back four pounds. Fast forwarding to now, the total amount of weight that I have gained back has been between 5-7 pounds 😦 .  Now, I don’t wish to be like a model or anything. I love the way God has made my body, I just don’t like what I have done to it because of the lousy choices I have made. I want to be healthy and strong for the family that I am in now and for my future family.  I feel bad that I did not keep my promise and I just don’t like the fact that I have excess weight on my body that does not have to be there! Before I had lost the 10, almost 11, pounds last year, I was at the weight of 132 lbs. . For my height of only 5′ 1″ and my age, I was considered over weight. Having that knowledge gave me the determination to shed those extra pounds. Throughout the process I had help and encouragement from my family and a few good friends especially Liz Follman and Carole Mitchell. I promised myself that I would try my best to never see myself at that weight again if I could help it (excluding the fact that I know I will be over that when I have a child some day ) . As I see myself now getting closer and closer to that weight again for no good reason, the determination is coming back, so this morning I recommitted my self to my previous commitment and I am going to stick with it this time, because I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! 🙂 Yay!

 My reason for writing about something that is pretty personal, is to stretch myself more by talking about something that can tend to be hard for me. And just as important to me, is to have accountability. I think that it will help me to stay on track if I know that I have made my commitment known to everyone including people that I don’t even know. My desire is to make my commitment a change of life, not just a temporary season until I lose the weight I want to. But until I do lose the weight, I will be posting my progress letting you know how I’m coming along. I know that there will be times when I feel like I have failed, but I will try my best to not dwell on those days and keep going. 

Any encouraging comments are very welcomed, appreciated, and needed 🙂 . 


Current Weight: 127 lbs. (Yeesh! Did I actually type that out for all the world to see?! 😉 )

Goal weight: 118-120 lbs.

Lbs. I need to lose to get to that weight: 7-9

Pounds lost since June 10, 2008: 0