GRN- Please Watch! Important Sudan Video

Every Monday morning, GRN posts a video called *lifeonline. ‘Take a look at this weeks *lifeonline for a real glimpse at what real life is like in Southern Sudan. The people there are in great need of our prayers and support. Let’s go to God on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Sudan.

*Please allow this episode to speak to your heart and motivate you in your walk with God and people. Life is too short to not focus on what really matters.’

*We do not recommend the use of YouTube.


I’m still here! :)

Hello! I’m still here 🙂 .  Today is official update day! Yay! Okay, so here it goes…


My walk with the Lord is really going great. Everyday I am feeling refreshed and also down. Down because the Lord has been revealing some areas in my life that need some pruning, and refreshed because I know that in the long run it is bringing me closer to Him. Praise the name of Jesus!


Dad, John Follman and I are now in our new office space! I’m out of my basement corner! Yippee! haha. I really like the office; it has a nice feel to it.


 My not forgotten pregnant mother is doing very well. We found out that she will be having a scheduled C-Section in the last week of August. Not too much longer! Time is going by so fast. Not long ago she had her glucose test and everything came back with fine results. The baby is now approximately 17 inches long and around 3 pounds! Please forgive me for not having a picture of Mom on this post right now, but check back later today or tomorrow to see if I have edited this post with a pic. 🙂


Jeremiah is going to be starting back to physical and speech therapy soon.


I don’t understand how I could start losing inches before weight, but that is exactly what happened this week. I have lost 1/4 inch all over and I know that is not very much, but it really is encouraging! 

 Current Weight: 127 lbs.

Goal weight: 118-120 lbs.

Lbs. I need to lose to get to that weight: 7-9

Pounds lost since June 10, 2008: 0  

Inches lost since June 10, 2008: 1/4 🙂


I have posted a new recipe on Country Girl Recipes

So there you go! A few updates on the Zurowski Family.

Home Office

Well, the office is now in our home for the time being. I’m definitely going to need to do some adjusting.  I’m not used to having Mom, John, and Jeremiah around all day, but I’m sure that it’s going to be fun and probably a little hectic every once in a while.  But I think overall it’s going to be nice being at home doing GRN work because at the times when I might not have something to do, I can always do something for Mom around the house.

My cat, Missy, is sitting with me right now and I’m enjoying that.

Long, but good

Today was another long day filled with packing up the office and also folding newsletters. I just got home about a half an hour ago and am just now eating dinner (it’s 7:23pm). Even though I’m tired, I had a wonderful day! It was a lot of fun. I thank the Lord for the progress that is being made to move down to Kentucky.


  I thought that I would take some pictures to show you where I work. First though, I have to say that I have really been enjoying working alongside my father. I look at being at GRN a  privilege, honor, and a once in a life time opportunity. I have been asked many times about what I’m going to be doing during my “in-between years”, and I must say that my plans are to work alongside my father and be a helper to my mother and learn as much as I can from them before I leave their home. Someday, if God’s will, I will be a wife and homemaker. What greater way is there to gain the skills that I will need than being a help-meet to my father and learning under my mother? Would college help me be a good wife and mother? I don’t believe so. I understand some people’s thinking on the issue of what if something happened to my husband, and all of a sudden I am  the sole provider for my family. I must be honest in saying that I am completely not an authority on this subject but you know, I believe that the Lord would give me wisdom and discernment if anything ever happened. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now 🙂 , and I ask forgiveness if I sound preachy. I’m really not trying to preach at anyone, just trying my best to further share what I believe.  And though I do respect and would like to hear more of other peoples views on this subject, I do not wish for a debate.     Here are my pictures! I feel so professional sitting at my desk 🙂 .

office-desk.jpg    office-desk-2.jpg

other-side-of-office.jpg    stairs.jpg    me.jpg


  The smell of popcorn popping in the microwave has got to be one of my ultimate favorite scents. Whenever I  smell that buttery flavor in the air I  instantly get hungry.  Which means that I get hungry very often, cause popcorn is one of the few snacks we keep stocked at GRN’s office. Dad and John Follman eat it quite a bit, but not usually every day. But when they do eat it, the smell of popcorn goes throughout the whole building. Which is great, it reminds me that we have something to eat in the place. But today was not necessarily the day I wanted to remember that.

  Lately, I’ve been thinking about taking a day this week to do some prayer and fasting. Today was the day I picked, so I made the commitment to fast breakfast and lunch.  I was doing really good, I wasn’t feeling too awful hungry until John F. popped in a bag of popcorn two times in a row. Oh! It smelled soooo good! Why? Why Me? Don’t worry though, I didn’t break. I kept my commitment although it took twice as hard. 🙂